DIY Accessorizing Your Perfect Skirt

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I have a bevy of Perfect Skirts. They wash well, come in a variety of colors and stretch enough to be comfortable while giving me the slightest support. I have the Perfect Skirt in black, and it’s been serviceable for me for years. However, I recently went to the downtown L.A. garment district and ran across this:


Yep, a sequined rooster patch. I’ve gotta divulge some info now, I’ve had poultry for pets since I was 3, and I do adore my chickens. I also have a raven’s eye with an affinity for all things shiny and sparkly. This patch was a must-have for me. In addition to the patch I found some cool gold fringe, as it matched I bought it as well. I also discovered some really brilliant gold crystal buttons and those were added to my shopping bag. 

Well, I thought why don’t I personalize my Perfect Skirt with my own chicken? And I did:


I handsewed on all of my additions, but I am an avid historical costumer who handsews almost daily. You can also use a sewing machine, or utilize fusible Stitch Witchery, depending on your type of patch. 

Another great side effect of this altered skirt has is that it now matches my Fluevog Operetta Mirella boots. The boots have a low 2 1/2” heel and I can wear these for days at a time with no pain. And isn’t the yellow color is just happy?

I have a denim Perfect Skirt that I’ve been eyeing, I think it will be up next for a makeover when I find the perfect patch!

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