Custom Gathered Skirt Experience: Made Merr to Order

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I really appreciate the new roll-out of the custom Made to Order Mode Merr service beginning with the Gathered Skirts. I’m hoping this continues to take off so additional designs can be offered in this very cool idea. I had visited my local Joanne’s fabric last month and saw this sweet 1930’s cotton fabric repro print:
It also came in red background and I think orange? Anyhow, that teal shade of Tiffany blue is so one of my colors and I have a black Standard Poodle, so I had to buy it. I bought the recommended two yards for the Gathered Skirt. I used my USPS and mailed it over to Angela with my waist measurement and desired length, then waited 2 weeks... And, hurrah the mail arrived on Friday with my totally adorable skirt!!! 
It is just wonderful to have the option of buying whatever fabric one runs across and have it made into a tested and true design by Angela. No messing with a new pattern myself and hoping it fits like it says on the envelope, only to be sorely disappointed hours and hours later when it doesn’t. Yep, been there! For $60, I am more than happy to have the fun of choosing a great fabric that I love and having it expertly crafted by a master craftsperson who I can trust. Everyone can enjoy a timeless skirt design in whatever fabric speaks to them! 
Above is a close-up back shot of the invisible zipper and button. That color match on the Mode Merr button that Angela provided is beautiful, and the zipper just blends into the skirt as nature intended. Also, the skirt has two concealed pockets on each of the sides. The pockets held my IPhone 6 Plus in one and my wallet and lipstick in the other! 
And this is a back shot, can you see the cute needle-work near the hem? It’s neat little loops that I could never do myself on my 1903 Singer. I just love the little details, it’s often overlooked by major manufacturers due to time and streamlining their huge orders, but I am thankful that it is something that Angela relishes. 
If anyone else adores this print, it’s still at Joanne’s in the cotton prints by the yard area! And the boots pictured are an *exact* colormatch to this skirt. They are from Poland’s Raspberry Heels of their limited edition colorway of John Fluevog’s Babycake boots.

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