Fast Fashion: Review of The True Cost

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Over the weekend, I checked out the documentary category on Netflix, looking for something new to watch. I ran across The True Cost. I urge anyone who is interested in where their clothing may come from to watch this film. The movie exposes the intolerable situations that factory workers from around the world are immersed into. These hard-working people create the trendy clothing that is later imported to us in the U.S., to clothing chains and e-commerce companies.

The words we hear are from the workers in these companies and their bosses. We see children working amongst adults and the documentary forces us to open our eyes to the conditions that clothing is fabricated in. When we buy this imported clothing, we have blood on our hands by perpetuating the cycle.  This documentary was eye-opening, and it made me feel sad to see what greed has taken over. While popular fashion retailers make styles that are trendy with low prices, most consumers might not realize what hands those clothes have passed through. Mounding environmental waste and wretched working conditions mount, while the companies rake in their profit. 

Nowadays, there is a movement to push fair trade and ethical fashion. From shopping at thrift and vintage stores to buy recycled fashion to searching for more eco-friendly fashion companies. By using our purchasing power consciously, we can feel good about our choices and not perpetuate the fast fashion trend.

We at Mode Merr are transparent about the people behind our clothing line. You can see us, learn about us, and know this female powered business is made lovingly in Rhode Island by a stellar seamstress in her studio. There is no international manufacturer, all of the clothing is cut, designed, and shipped right out of Pawtucket. Our clothes are made to last, which is why we are featuring detail photos and additional information so you know what you purchase from us will last for years, not months. Shop local and read the labels. Please buy American made clothing, not just American shipped. 

Mode Merr is about sustainable living, and reaffirming that we can make a difference one person at a time. Our hope is that our customers can see the difference with us showing complete transparency, compared to competitors with glossy photos but a corporate mindset and imported clothing. We stand with the fashion revolution and hope that ethical compliance will be a standard with all fashion companies. We cannot avert our eyes and partake in a world of disposable clothing. 

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