Limited Edition Saguaro Cactus Perfect Skirt

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New for the summer, the fantastic Limited Edition Pink Cactus Perfect Skirt! Yet another beautiful Mode Merr creation, that exactly matches a pair of my Fluevogs. These are the Mini Lover Fluevog boots in pink.
Some of our readers might have seen the elusive green Topsy Turvy Cactus Skirt at Viva Las Vegas. Here it is worn by our customer, Mitzi Barracuda! 
This is the sister skirt to that short run creation, in a fired-up shocking pink that’s sure to make heads turn. 
This sweet skirt features a captivating Seguaro cactus on the side, made of soft felt with pinking shear cuts and lime green rick rack. If that’s not endearing enough, Angela topped off this creation with some kelly green fringe along the hem that swings with your sashay. 
This Cactus skirt has interesting elements from the front and the back! Like all the Perfect Skirts, this has a center back slit. The slit has a green rick rack design feature which highlights it. 
I found this skirt to be really unusual and eye-catching. I like the shades of colors used in the applique as it compliments many pieces of my wardrobe.. I wore it to the recent concert of Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys opening for Levi Dexter.
This Perfect Skirt did not disappoint and was a big hit with my friends at the concert. It was easy to sit in and dance a stroll or two as the cotton twill with Lycra has stretch to it. My skirt is a size XS, and it measures 26 inches long from the natural waist to the hemline. As per usual, these skirts are first-come first served until the fabric is gone, so order yours today and have some memorable summer nights! 

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