Limited Run of the Pink Tawdry Top

Posted by Monika Jezebelle on

 Here’s the first of many offerings of limited run women’s pin up clothing! We had this Pink Fluffy Tawdry Top at Viva Las Vegas, and it flew off the rack. Last week, we obtained a bit more fabric so we are making additional Tawdrys as first come first served. They will be cut and sewn off as orders are placed. Once they are out, this run is complete! 

This Pink Tawdry is very stretchy and fun. The fabric retains its shape best when just hand-washed with some delicate detergent like Woolite then laid out to dry. This limited edition release is available in sizes XS to 3XL.  At the price of $32, it’s a steal for a custom run blouse! 

 I am wearing the Tawdry Top in a size XS, the fabric has a good amount of stretch.

I'll be using my Tawdry for travel as this nice knit won't need ironing! The top can go off the shoulders as shown or on as well.

We are now selling via our Instagram, so if you see something you like that is still in stock, there will be a link to the store to buy it ASAP. Mode Merr is keeping up with the times and altering our business to cater to you, our loyal customers.  

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