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We’ve run into a small issue this weekend, brought to our attention by a loyal customer. This is the official Mode Merr and Sew Right Studio Instagram account to follow to hear of our limited runs and day to day tidbits.  We love seeing our fans and customer!  Please tag us with your Mode Merr outfit pics so we can repost them.  Please use the hashtag #modemerr. 

There is another IG account using our name and a variant of our logo who is not us. So, be sure that you are following the real Mode Merr here!

Are you wondering about the Sew Right Studio addition to our name? Well, if you are in the Rhode Island region, our studio offers various sewing classes on a personal level where the course is limited to a small quantity of students. As Angela Zampell is a master craftsperson with over 30 years of sewing and garment construction, she felt she could give back by teaching others some basics.

Sewing can be a daunting task, and one bad start can deter people from trying it again. I had this experience myself. My mother professionally sewed intricate dance and baton twirling costumes and I always wanted to learn or help. I finally talked her into letting me do my own project one hot summer day. She set up a spare machine for me so we could both sew in different rooms. I chose a wonderful 80’s pattern of a pair of board shorts, and some pink cotton gingham with a floral print to make them out of. My mom was very involved in getting a costume done for a tight deadline, so told me what to do to cut it out and sew it, but in a hurried and haphazard fashion. I carefully cut out my shorts, needlessly pinning every inch.

Finally, it was time for sewing. I read the pattern and asked my mom if what I thought to sew was correct. She quickly agreed and went back to working on my costume. I felt since my rad shorts were going to be worn a lot, I better sew them in the tiniest stitch length, so I changed the machine’s settings and began really slowly. An hour later, I had carefully sewn up the pieces and was excited to try my shorts on. But, they looked strange. I went back to my mom, who took my shorts and asked why I sewed them with such small stitches, then announced that I had sewn the leg pieces together and not the correct crotch pieces, so all the stitches had to come out.

I ambled along the lonely road of using a slightly dull seam ripper on tiny, tiny stitches in a room without air conditioning. I can’t honestly say if the shorts ever got finished or what, but I am pretty sure I never wore them. I didn’t want to try sewing again for 15 years until a college course was offered. Now, I sew weekly, and I wish I hadn’t been burned out by sewing from a silly mistake. It made me feel like giving up for good on the sewing front for a long time, I wonder what cool stuff I could have created in high school, if I had tried. 

So, learn from my mistake and take classes in an environment that’s relaxed with an instructor who is focused on your task at hand. Right now, we offer several fun class starting in June.  


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