Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

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Summer is just a few months away, where future plans and fun vacations are on the horizon. I have the summer trend report ready with research from the catwalks to stay in season with your wardrobe.

What’s the summer of 2018 look like? The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. Honestly, it’s a lot of color happening where fashion can exude fun with color tones. From pastel shades to bright basic color, it looks like color is in as the lighter shades started trending this Spring. Wearing gossamery pastels can show that you are an empowered woman as well as ethereal. For pastels, try the Limited Edition Pink Tawdry Top while supplies last.

Tropical beach styling is arriving as well, where tiki inspired and sunny seafront looks will be on the racks. Finding your unique voice in beachy vibe clothing is key. I tend to go toward one tropical item like a skirt than a full outfit with seaside accessories. I also live in Southern California so the beach to us is a mainstay. I was the one who went boogie boarding on my college lunch break and returned to my afternoon classes with wet hair. Looking for beach wear? Have a peek at Mode Merr's pineapple cotton and order any style skirt from our line while we still have the fabric. When it's gone, we move onto another short run print. 

 Fringe is coming back in our warmer months, from trendy accessories to smart clothing. I’ve always liked the beaded fringe on old 60’s dresses, and seeing fringe in design is an uplifting statement. Although, you’ll never find me at Coachella, I do have my limits. Here's a sneak peek of our newest skirt design, and it’s not yet released on the website. It's a swell Saguaro cactus design in pink with fringe! Keep an eye out on the blog and on our IG for the announcement of the new release! 

Feminine ruffles are going to be prevalent throughout fashion ensembles, on tops, dresses, or skirts. I love the flirty touch of ruffles and like to mix up it up depending on daytime or evening outings. Want a ruffled skirt that's made to last? Check out the Topsy Turvy skirt line that we offer. From basic black to kitschy designs, this polished skirt has the ruffle to make an vogue impact without saying a word. 


Finally, layering with sheer and transparent fabrics will be in. It can add a bit of mystery to cover up but still see what’s underneath. This takes me back to my days of wearing fishnet stockings as tops in my deathrock clubbing days. Now, I tend to wear my layers with a more poised touch. Or at least my see-through blouses are actually made intended to be worn as blouses. Mode Merr has the Leading Lady blouse in black lace that covers up but also showcases that daring see-through look. 


 I hope you find this trend commentary with Mode Merr helpful. I enjoy keeping in the know of what's on trend, but I wear what makes me feel expressive and positive regardless. It's enjoyable to modify my pin up clothing choices with the season at hand!

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