Vintage Mode Merr: the Bridget Dress

Posted by Monika Jezebelle on

I just returned from an extended road trip and found my Mode Merr Bridget dress that I packed was the perfect go-to. Here’s a pic of me in it with Miss Celine Lee as Tippi Hedren at the Halloween show of Dale Watson at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas. Please forgive our silliness, but hey it’s a vacation so ya gotta have fun:

The leopard print dress is made of a bathing suit type of stretch fabric. Extremely comfortable and no wrinkling! The style is a 40’s retro look with a nice low back. I was able to wash it in a hotel sink, hang it up and wear it the next night! It was wonderful in the high heat and humidity of New Orleans, then the unpredictable weather of Mississippi & Texas.  I was able to feel classy for a nice steak dinner or out dancing at a honky tonk, without thinking of finding a dry cleaner. I received so many compliments, I wish this dress would make a comeback! I didn’t realize it’s intrinsic value until going away with only one tiny carry on. So, for you traveling gals, this one’s a keeper! 

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