Sew Right Studios


This is my first official Sew Right Studios blog post. As things proceed and grow, I will be posting sketches, photos and darn I yes, tutorial videos! 

My first posts will be responses to questions I've been asked on the Mode Merr Facebook page.

First up on the agenda is Working With Knits.

When using an industrial or home sewing machine, it's important to use either a ballpoint needle or a needle specified for stretch fabrics. These needle glide through knits for a smoother and more even stitch. Elongating your stitch length slightly will also help. 

Pinning can be a useful aide when working with stretch fabrics. Just promise me you won't sew over them, ever, never ever!  The proper way to pin is with the pointed end of the pin facing into garment with the head of the pin at the outer edge your piece as pictured here. 

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